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Krafteers: Tomb Defenders

Can you survive in a desert island, alone or with your friends?

Explore the world to collect resources, food and water, craft tools and weapons, use your creativity to build a fortress and defend yourself from a mysterious menace.

Click HERE – Free download

  • Awesome graphics
  • Great gameplay, develop your own strategy and tactics
  • Dynamic world
  • Level entities are randomically generated
  • Multiplayer mode*


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If you like and want even more fun, unlock the full game by purchasing it inside the game:
+ Unlock all levels
+ Unlock all enemy types
+ Unlimited players in multiplayer mode
+ Remove ads

* Multiplayer details:

- Limited to 2 simultaneous players in the free version

- Requires Wi-fi connection- Requires one of the player to host the game (there isn’t an online game server)

- Devices must be connected in the same LAN to discover each other, but direct IP addresses are accepted to play over the internet.