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  • Krafteers F.A.Q.

    Hi there! In this post you will find common questions about the game’s mechanics in general. If you have any doubts that are not listed here please visit the Forums and post your question there.

    Q: How to make a

  • Difficulty modes

    Easy: Monolith must be re-activated for the next enemy waves.

    Normal: Once activated, the monolith will not stop until you complete.

    Hard: The monolith is initially activated, giving you a few minutes do get ready. Only stops when you complete.…

  • Upgrade to full version – Known issues


    Issue #1: The Upgrade to full version button doesn’t work

    This seems to happen on devices with multiple Google Accounts. Please try the following steps:

    1. Reboot your device (turn it off and on again)
    2. Remove

  • Collecting water from rivers

    You can collect potable water from rivers and lakes. All you need is Bamboo Cup or a Bucket.

    In this example we used a bucket, equipping it on the Hand button. Then tap the water and wait for the…

  • How to Tame a Wolf

    Find a Wolf Cub, click and feed him with 2 bones, 1 meat and 1 water:

    After that it will become a Tamed Wolf and follow you to help fight enemies and other dangerous animals. You can give it…